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Your obligations stop with the services you sell

Just a quick reminder to those working to complete their DRIPs this week. Your obligations stop with the service you sell. If you sell someone a VPS or dedicated server, consider “this” to be the service. The application your client runs on the server is up to them. If your client has DR obligations, then they […]

Do I have Data Retention Obligations?

One of the most frequent questions I have seen is the simple question of “Do I have Data Retention Obligations”.  David Ohri provided an excellent overview in his presentation. If an entity wants to know if the data retention scheme imposes data retention obligations on it, it should ask itself the following three questions. If the answer to […]

Data Retention – What is it?

At the recent Data Retention workshop hosted by Real World and Dell Australia, David Ohri from Thomson Geer provided an excellent overview of the Data Retention legislation. We’ll be publishing a video summary of his talk in the next couple of days – but in the mean time his slides are available for download here.