Your obligations stop with the services you sell

Just a quick reminder to those working to complete their DRIPs this week. Your obligations stop with the service you sell. If you sell someone a VPS or dedicated server, consider “this” to be the service. The application your client runs on the server is up to them. If your client has DR obligations, then they may have to retain data about their service – but you don’t need to know anything beyond your obligations for the server.

This is likely who the customer is, when the service was connected, any IP addressing you provide the server and perhaps a port log of when the server bounced the network port(s) it was connected to. If you provide a management interface for accessing a server’s console, DRAC or iLO (I don’t know anyone that does) then it might also be important to record access that occurs through these interfaces.

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Andrew is the CEO of the Real World Group, a family of IT and telecommunications companies based in Sydney, Australia. Andrew loves Jesus, his wife Bess and his four awesome kids.

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